What can we do for you?



How do you get a Private Label?

Step 1 - Introduction

In a first meeting we explain in more detail about the different stages of creating your own skincare line.

We show you how we work and together we look for the product portfolio that fits your needs. Then we kindly ask you to share your logo, if available, to help us prepare the initial design.

Step 2 - Proposal

At this stage you will receive a first draft of your own skin care products. You get the freedom to co-design every essential part. Very important here is the choice of label and packaging type.

Step 3 - Order

Awesome! After your approval and receipt of your bank payment, we ensure that the product is ready for shipment and registered for sale in the European market within 6-8 weeks.

Can I try the products?

Yes, both our skincare products and Tattoo/Skincare products can be tested before getting a Private Label. Our "Experience" sample kit containing all of our tattoo & piercing products can be ordered via mail - phone - the contact form - or directly from the online shop (coming soon). 

What is the minimum order quantity for Private Label?

We normally start Private Label for Tattoo & Piercing products as of 190 pieces. 

The Skincare products can be available as of 100 pieces.

Am I personally liable for the products?

No, we only use your logo for branding purposes so the product liable remain with us. You will notice that CosX / IQ aftercare is still listed on the label.